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Liquid OTC LLC

Liquid OTC, LLC was founded to deliver natural health focused products to consumers uniquely packaged for accessibility, optimum delivery and results.

Today’s consumers are active, more aware of their own health, the environment and the image they want to convey to their peers. Understanding these needs, OTC Liquids, LLC creates products to help consumers live life to its fullest; to do more, feel better and look great all while being in balance with health and nature.

Liquid OTC, LLC unique background in liquids and health based products provides the experience necessary to meet the needs of today’s’ consumers while supporting the needs of retailers through distribution, margin and “positive people” image marketing.

Liquid OTC
PO Box 1351
Walled Lake, Michigan 48390
Toll Free: 1.888.450.3639
Fax: 1.888.450.3639

P.O. Box 1351, Walled Lake, Michigan
Phone: 888.450.3639

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